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Build and design pools, rock art and water features in Pretoria

Professional and practical designs for rock art, rock pools, water features, ponds, indoor flooring to name a few Unique as three dimensional stone facing is used which is specially formulated and manufactured for us. Very high standards are applicable.

Swimming pools and ponds

Swimming Pools Pretoria Pool with Rock Art Swimming pool with wooden deck

We can design and build swimming pools either in or outdoors. Stone or rock art detail can be added to the swimming pool to create a beautiful natural aesthetics and a stunning finish effect.

Rock art and Water features

Rock Art Pools Pretoria Rock Art Benches Water features Pretoria

Water features add interest and character to any house and garden while the cooling and calming effect of water can be a great feature in a home.

Wall Rock Art Pretoria

Rock art designs and improvements

  • Rock art edges of swimming pools and ponds
  • Rock art walls and wall decor
  • Create benches out of rock art
  • Rock art water features
  • Rock art garden edgings
  • Rock art paving’s and flooring
  • Rock art garden decor