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Thatching repairs and general maintenance in Pretoria:

Pole Construction Reair your roof

Thatchers Unlimited does repair to existing thatch showing signs of wear and tear that may develop into a serious leakage problem. Fix lapas, thatch houses and Lodges.

Thatchers Unlimited have more than 30 years contract thatching expertise and repairing lapa thatching or new roofing thatching.  We design, fix and build new lapas as well as new thatch roofing. Every few years general maintenance needs to be done on your thatch roof or Lapa to keep it in a good condition

Thatchers Unlimited does the following repair work on thatch roofs and Lapas.

Re-thatching thatch roof and lapas in Pretoria

A layer of thatching grass is striped from the thatch roof or maybe all the grass depends in what state the roof is. Then it will be replaced with new thatching grass and tightened with black twine afterwards.

Brush of thatch roof or lapa
Repair thatch roof Pretoria

Brush of thatch roofs in Pretoria

Every thatch roof needs maintenance done about every 5 year and this includes brushing the roof and tightening of the twine. So that your thatch roof can look neat again. This prevents that thatch do not rot over the years.

Breakdown and Rebuild thatch roof houses, lapas and Lodges in Pretoria:

If you want to remove your thatch roof from your site or just want to move it to another spot in your yard. We will be able to help you.

Repair your lapa

Repair thatch roofs in Pretoria

Repair thatch roof construction, this is if your thatching poles are badly cracked or your roof is falling due to poles that are beginning to rot. It needs to be fixed because it is a big risk, there is a strong possibility that the roof could collapse.

Repair of thatch roof, this is when your thatch roof has storm, wind, or hail damaged and needs to be repaired.

Other thatch roof reparation work:

Extra services that we offer:

Type of projects that we focus on: